Wine Club Conditions

  1. Each month, the Sommelier Juan Ignacio Ayerbe, will be in charge of making a selection of special, different and exciting wines so that you have access to those special wines that have excited us the most in our daily tastings. Many of them will be unique and can not be purchased via the web or through any other means.
  2. Members of The Sommelier Wine Club who sign up will commit to stay at least one year, from the date of registration, as members of “The Sommelier Wine Club”.
  3. The Sommelier will send an informative email every month a few days before proceeding to the shipment of the lots, indicating the content of the same and information of each of the wines of the lot.
  4. The members of The Sommelier Wine Club may reject 4 lots in total throughout the year. The rejection of the lot must be made by sending an email expressing your desire to cancel within a week of sending the information of the batch of that month. If it does not, it is understood by omission that if the batch is going to be wanted.
  5. Once the lots have been sent, each member of The Sommelier Club will be charged the charge to the account provided for this purpose. The monthly cost of the lots will be around 120 euros.
  6. The members of the Club that had given up on a specific lot will not be handed over that month.
  7. In case of not being satisfied or due to any other circumstance, the members of The Sommelier Wine Club that would like to rescind the contract, it will be enough to inform us previously by sending an email to, before the 15th of each month, staying , on the day following your request, in a situation of voluntary resignation as a member of The Sommelier Wine Club. If the cancellation does not take place before the indicated date, the ordinary shipment will be maintained in that month, and the withdrawal will take effect in the following month.
  8. In case of breach of the conditions of this contract by the member of The Sommelier Wine Club, the company providing these services may terminate the member prior notice.